Equi-Kids Annual Pony Up Golf Tournament Kettle Corn Bag

Custom / Corporate

HKC custom bags are a fantastic way for us to work together to create something really cool for your supporters and ours, too.

We really enjoy supporting our community, making delicious kettle corn/snacks and having fun while we do it!

As we move away from popping at live events, we realize that we are taking out a very important marketing tool, “SMELL”. More specifically, the mouthwatering smell of corn kernels bursting under liquified sugar into bulbs of sweet perfection. –That’s a lot to overcome!

So, we look forward to sharing creative ideas to engage with our fans and yours too! Here’s some examples of what we have previously done:

Heavenly Custom Shop - USS Iwo Jima Kettle Corn

US Navy

USS Iwo Jima SCPOA had a great time showing off their ship’s own kettle corn. HKC was patriotic proud to work on this one!

Heavenly Custom Shop - ODU Original Monarch Bag

Old Dominion University

HKC supports ODU Monarchs with personalized bags of delicious kettle corn for their home games.
Heavenly Custom Shop - Santa Snacks

North Pole

When Santa rings, HKC springs into action with some fantastic stocking stuffers for young AND old.
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Let’s create something awesome for your group!

Just please keep in mind, we are a small family owned business that places our emphasis on “family”. So, while we would love to help with every custom project, sometimes “the timing” just does not allow for it in our production schedule and/or our ideas simply don’t align. In that case, we fully reserve our right to pull a Nancy Reagan and politely, “Just say no“.

That being said, if you have patience, believe it should be a fun process, and really like what we have done, so far. Please introduce yourself and submit your idea/cause below. –We look forward to hearing about it!

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