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Our Heavenly Kettle Corn Story

We started off simple, and we will keep it simple.

The Heavenly Kettle Corn (HKC) dream is simple: To work alongside our family and friends to make delicious kettle corn that other people will enjoy with their family and friends. The caveat to our story, though? That we’re still able to spend time with the ones we love, enjoying life and nature together. Because if we know anything, we know life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed.​

How our story started – family, a kettle corn trailer and the open road.

HKC Tent
Our family bought HKC in July of 2015. I thought it would be a “fun” family activity to buy a trailer full of equipment I knew nothing about. And travel throughout Southeastern Virginia making a sweet snack I knew nothing about. What could go wrong? Families love spending 25-30 weekends a year together making sugared popcorn for strangers who buy food from tent people, right?

For years, our family and friends helped pop our delicious kettle corn LIVE at various events throughout the seven cities that make up Hampton Roads. We started perfecting our recipe in strange places – like Military Aviation Airshows and Strawberry Festivals. But it wasn’t just the recipe that got better over time. Our family and friends who help bring HKC to the people have grown too, in ways we wouldn’t have without this business.

We learned how to work together as a unit. My kids gained self-confidence and had a crash course in public speaking – having to interact and transact with total strangers. My sister and I learned that we work really well together. Oh, and I learned that towing a trailer full of metal, oil and corn through the Bridge Tunnel isn’t that fun.

*FUN FACT: There are 4 bridge tunnels in North America and 3 of them are in Hampton Roads.

Life on the road is tough.

HKC Certified Production Facility
As the years went by, life on the road began wearing on us all: weather cancellations, low attendance, my family wanting their weekends back (rude?). It was time to re-evaluate our business so we could go back to our original vision. A simple business model, that makes delicious kettle corn.

So we had another silly idea: We’ll convert the garage into a Dept. of Agriculture certified food manufacturing facility (and we did!). We started making our delicious kettle corn from a controlled environment. Where we didn’t have to worry about the weather ruining our day. And the kids continued to learn real life responsibility and skills. Our new challenge, though? Finding a spot in the big world of snack foods…

Craft Breweries were first on our list. Without full-service kitchens, snacks are a popular option. And it just so happens that we have a salty, sweet treat that makes people thirsty. Breweries sell more beer to thirsty customers. A partnership made in “heaven.” –See what I did there?

We started attending weekend farmers markets in Norfolk. While expanding our reach to roadside markets from the Eastern Shore of VA to the Outer Banks of NC. We also started running fundraisers for local high school bands, clubs, and sports teams. Continuing HKC’s mission to give back to the community we live in and love.

Time to add a little “color” to our story.

New in 2022, we started a new product line of our specialty Fun Flavors! We take our delicious original Kettle Corn recipe, then add a little flavored cotton candy sugar (flossine) during the cooking process. The food scientists of the world really have done a great job making artificial colors and flavors because the end results are amazing. They’re full of bright colors with flavors that remind our customers of the treats from their youth.

Our continued commitment to our community

HKC's Owner
We pride ourselves in serving the community we live in. HKC continues to donate bags of our kettle corn to the fundraising efforts of local non-profit organizations near to our hearts. We know that we can make the greatest impact when we narrow our focus on our community for causes that matter most to us and our customers.

Thank you for your support. Our story wouldn’t be possible without all of you.


Jeremy and Family

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