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HKC’s Fun Flavor Kettle Corn came about from researching how to color/flavor popcorn. –And somehow we found a truly remarkable mixture known as Flossine.  More importantly, it is known as flavored and colored cotton candy sugar.

We have field tested a wide variety of flavors at events and amongst friends and family. There’s one very interesting thing that we’ve learned from testing the different flavors. If we tell you ahead of time what the flavor tastes like, then your brain will make the connection much faster and zero in on that flavor.  

Some of the flavors work great, creating a “Fun Flavor” kettle corn with a wonderful, identifiable reminder from your childhood. We offer four proven winners year round, but don’t be surprised if we throw in some seasonal or limited edition mixes randomly.


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Heavenly Kettle Corn is a Virginia’s Finest certified food product.

Here’s Our Fun Flavor Kettle Corn Lineup:

Heavenly Kettle Corn - Strawberry Shake Mascot

Strawberry Shake

Most peoples’ first thought on this one, is that it tastes like you’re eating a big pink glass of Nestle™ Strawberry Quik. I suppose one could say it has notes of Neapolitan strawberry ice cream as well.

Heavenly Kettle Corn - Apple Rancher Mascot

Apple Rancher

People hesitate on this one, because many think it is going to be sour. Or, maybe because they associate the color green with vegetables, idk.  But, this one actually tastes like someone melted an Apple Jolly Rancher™ on top of our classic kettle corn.  This will take you right back to middle school –braces and all.

Heavenly Kettle Corn - Blue Raspberry Mascot

Blue Raspberry

This was a winner from the first time we introduced it. It has that classic Blue Raspberry taste that almost every blue candy on the market has (Ring Pop™, Airheads™, Gummies, BombPop™, Snow Cones, etc.).  Not much else needs to be said on this one, it practically sells itself!

Heavenly Kettle Corn - Marshmallow Cereal Mascot

Marshmallow Cereal

The flavor is listed as vanilla, but the taste is most closely related to a certain leprechaun’s fantastically scrumptious cereal.  The popcorn is red, but the flavor is pure sweet. –No spice or heat here.

Fun Flavor Kettle Corn– Fun Facts

The first flavors we ever made were – Cherry and Blue Raspberry for the South Norfolk, Fourth of July Parade.  We made patriotic, red-white-and-blue layered bags of kettle corn for the event.  Both stayed at live shows for years, but eventually the Cherry was replaced by the Marshmallow Cereal. –While their colors are very similar, the clear winner is the Marshmallow Cereal flavor.

We do also make a banana kettle corn that tastes very similar to a Banana Laffy Taffy™ – Which is excellent!!  But, unfortunately the market for banana flavored kettle corn is minimal at best.

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