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Heavenly Kettle Corn is a Virginia’s Finest certified food product.

The Secret to Gourmet Kettle Corn

After being on the road for 3 or 4 years, the family and I knew we had developed a good product. Our Original Recipe was an excellent blend of sweet and salty. A big part of making a delightful gourmet kettle corn is timing. Knowing when to add the sugar so it melts (but doesn’t burn) before the kernels start popping.

The key is a simple one really, just make sure to get the right amount of salt on that delicious sweetened corn when it’s still hot. This way, the salt seeps into the sugar before fully cooling.

The finished product is one that is velvety smooth to the tastebuds. Which as a result, leaves many to comment that the richness reminds them of the sweetness of caramel corn. –But, without the heavy coating, so they can still taste the fresh popped corn.


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HKC Uses the Finest Ingredients

Corn Kernels, Salt, Corn Oil, and Fine Granulated Sugar HKC exclusively uses a premium mushroom style popcorn. It is optimal for gourmet kettle corn because of the dense bulb that gets an even sugar coating when the kernels pop. Our popcorn is non-GMO and grown in the U.S. by Reist Popcorn, a fourth generation American company. In comparison, movie theater and microwave popcorn uses butterfly popcorn. Which, opens similarly to how a butterfly spreads it’s wings.

More All Natural Gourmet Kettle Corn Flavors

So we knew that our Original recipe was an excellent product, but we also knew we couldn’t go to the next level on our slow climb up the “snack food” hill without any variety. So the search started for the next flavors – Sweet Heat (jalapeño) was a no brainer, as spice was the first flavor we wanted to mix in.

But at live shows around Hampton Roads, it was the Crab Corn that won many fans along the way. If you’re from a seafood town, you’re likely aware of Old Bay, and maybe you’ve stained your fingers orange a time or two. So we had our Big 3 – Sweet, Spicy, Savory, but we needed something…with a twist.

Enter Clyde (the lime mascot) – Our Tangle of Lime Gourmet Kettle Corn is a unique item. It doesn’t have the largest fanbase, but like the jam band it gives a tip of the cap to– the followers are a passionate bunch (ALO released their “Tangle of Time” album in 2015, the same year I purchased the kettle corn company).

Then my wife said we should do a pumpkin spice kettle corn. So I made one, because she’s been so patient and supportive through this whole ridiculous ride. We decided to name it, Oh My Gourd Becky, Look At The Size Of Her Pumpkin! –Which, is a nod to Hip Hop Royalty.

In the spring of 1992, Sir Mix-a-Lot released “Baby Got Back”, an anthem for those that like curvy women. An instant classic that would reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100  and earned a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. The music video has an intro with two women talking about another woman’s backside. Our flavor’s name is a play on that conversation lead-in to the song.

Our Gourmet Kettle Corn Mascots

The mascots for each of the gourmet bags have a name, all starting with a “P”, except for Clyde (which is a tribute to Pac-Man lore).
Pops - Heavenly Kettle Corn Mascot


Peno - Heavenly Kettle Corn Mascot


Pinchy - Heavenly Kettle Corn Mascot


Clyde - Heavenly Kettle Corn Mascot


Punky - Heavenly Kettle Corn Mascot


Secret Confession Time

At the time, I bought the gourmet kettle corn company (which consisted of a trailer full of metal and a book of business to local craft markets and holiday events) in 2015 for two purposes:
  1. To spend quality time with my kids before they grew up AND
  2. To see if my girlfriend of a few months could hang with the fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants chaos that was our family at the time.
Surprise! She passed with flying colors and we had kettle corn as the thank you/parting favors at our wedding. wink
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